What to Expect

Glen Haven Counseling Resources is an independently owned and operated counseling center offering professional therapy services which are consistent with Christian traditions and values. All clinical services are offered for individuals, couples and families. Our staff consists of one clinical psychologist and an office manager. We serve central Iowa and we are located in a convenient location, right off of I-80 in West Des Moines.

 West Des Moines, Iowa


Welcome to Glen Haven! We want you to experience an environment where you feel completely comfortable and respected.

Client Rights

  • Prompt Service - Our goal is to provide the best possible service. We will make every attempt to schedule appointments in a timely fashion based on the unique needs of the client. If we cannot meet your needs, we will work with you to find accommodations by referring you elsewhere.


  • Respect - Glen Haven staff members are committed to treat all clients with respect, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.    


  • Confidentiality - We maintain the highest ethical and legal standard of confidentiality.Therapy sessions  are strictly confidential and no records of therapy are available to anyone without your explicit  permission.

  • 45-50 minute sessions - Our goal for your initial session is to make sure the therapist is able to address your needs and concerns - a comfortable and compatible client/therapist match is important. The first session or two will focus on your present concern along with a brief history of your problem. Following sessions can focus on a variety of things including exploration of how the problem became present and development and collaboration of treatment goals.

​Client Responsibilities

  • Promptness - Arriving promptly will allow you to make the most of your available time.

  • Attendance - It is your responsibility to keep your scheduled appointments. Our office does not provide reminder calls for scheduled appointment times.

  • No-Show Policy - Cancellations of appointments must be received at least 24 hours in advance (preferably sooner). If you miss a session due to non-emergency circumstances, you are responsible for one half of the session fee. Should you need to cancel an appointment before the 24 hour window, our confidential voice mail system is provided for your after-hours and weekend convenience. If an office assistant does not answer, please use the voice mail​ system to communicate necessary information.

  • Payment - You are responsible for your bill at the end of each session. This includes your co-pay, co-insurance, unpaid deductibles, missed session fees, and unpaid claims. We accept personal checks, as well as cash, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. Glen Haven reserves the right to postpose scheduling appointments with clients who carry a balance in excess of $300 until the balance is paid upon.

  • Emergencies - If you need immediate​ attention, please contact your local emergency services by dialing 911.


Other Important Information

  • Insurance and Confidentiality - If you have chosen to use your insurance to assist in reimbursement for your services here, they will be given your dates of service and diagnosis (and sometimes a report of your treatment progress in order to justify such coverage) before reimbursement is made to you or us; your insurance company will then send information to a national data base, thus your diagnosis may become a part of your medical records.