The most effective way to engage in a consultation with one of our professional counseling staff is to call our office at 1.515.225.2015 to arrange a time to discuss the situation by phone. A follow up appointment may then be arranged if further consultation or intervention is needed.

Churches - Glen Haven offers consulting to pastors, administrators and lay leaders of churches for the purpose of helping these leaders become as effective as possible in their ministry to parishioners. Church leaders are often on the front line of intervening with individuals and families when they are facing difficulties and we are here to help with questions and concerns that may arise when these circumstances become confusing or difficult.

Businesses/Organizations -  We can work with businesses or organizations that are experiencing difficulty in the midst of staff conflict or professional transitions. Our approach allows companies to continue to maximize their potential, while helping to create a positive atmosphere of collegial support and growth.

Therapists -  As peers in the behavioral/mental health field, we strive to connect with our colleagues in a way that helps to ensure that we offer the most creative and productive clinical atmosphere possible. We are always open to discussing current patient challenges and seek to promote mutual growth and professional support.

Physicians - Accurate diagnosis and treatment can become quite difficult when the medical model and the psychological model become intertwined. At Glen Haven, we enjoy interacting with those in the medical community to collaborate on treating individuals so they are able to acheive a reduction in symptoms and ultimately the healing they need.


Glen Haven Counseling Resources is an independently owned and operated counseling center offering professional therapy services which are consistent with Christian traditions and values. All clinical services are offered for individuals, couples and families. Our staff consists of one clinical psychologist and an office manager. We serve central Iowa and we are located in a convenient location, right off of I-80 in West Des Moines.

 West Des Moines, Iowa