Glen Haven Counseling Resources is an independently owned and operated counseling center offering professional therapy services which are consistent with Christian traditions and values. All clinical services are offered for individuals, couples and families. Our staff consists of one clinical psychologist and an office manager. We serve central Iowa and we are located in a convenient location, right off of I-80 in West Des Moines.

 West Des Moines, Iowa


Educational, cognitive, diagnostic and psychological testing are offered to identify and better understand attention difficulties and/of ADHD, learning difficulties, autism spectrum symptoms, mood or anxiety symptoms, and other symptoms or diagnoses.

At Glen Haven, we believe that testing data is most accurately interpreted when we've had a chance to get to know the person being tested on an individual level.

We spend time getting to know you before the testing and helping you make sense of the results and recommendations after the testing. The testing itself takes several hours. When testing children, we utilize tests specially designed for them, so they can usually tolerate multiple hours of testing. It may be helpful to schedule testing on multiple days if you have concerns about the length of testing sessions.

Diagnostic/Psychological Testing - Psychological or diagnostic testing can help to clarify diagnosis and direct people's plans for therapy. This type of testing may also help people who feel "stuck" in their current treatment. Because this type of testing can address many different kinds of concerns, including mood or anxiety symptoms, personality styles or disorders, etc. we at Glen Haven will spend time (typically 1-2 sessions) getting to know you before the testing, so we can work to answer your questions in the process.