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Children, just like adults, experience stress during our life journey. Some common stressors for children include school and family issues. A school related stress experience may include excessive or difficult homework, test anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, and learning difficulties. A family related stress experience may include parental arguing, divorce, moving homes, new sibling, major illness, and transitions.

Children, just like adults, can participate in and benefit from adolescent or child therapy. Adolescent and child therapy can help children and adolescents learn how to identify causes of their distress, develop their skills in asking for help, expressing emotions, and improve their problem-solving abilities.

Adolescent Intervention - Many adolescents in today's world are having a difficult time adapting to the process of entering the adult world of responsibility and growth. At Glen Haven, we believe in working with teens and young adults to help them learn the necessary insights and skills to transition proactively and smoothly into adult society.

Interventions with Children - The world we live in can be a confusing place for children, from peer relationships to physical maturation to family situations. Sometimes this can impact children's thoughts, feelings, relationships, mood, behavior, or academic performance. At Glen Haven, we provide services to children who are struggling to make sense of and/or cope with the world and their experiences.

Psychological Testing - Educational, cognitive, diagnostic and psychological testing are offered to identify and better understand attention difficulties and/or ADHD, learning difficulties, autism spectrum symptoms, anxiety symptoms, and other symptoms or diagnoses. Learn more about testing.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultation - Through personal experience, Dr. Earle offers information, referrals and feedback to those families who have a child with special needs, specifically for those who have recently received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Teen Therapy

Glen Haven Counseling Resources is an independently owned and operated counseling center offering professional therapy services which are consistent with Christian traditions and values. All clinical services are offered for individuals, couples and families. Our staff consists of one clinical psychologist and an office manager. We serve central Iowa and we are located in a convenient location, right off of I-80 in West Des Moines.